Bankable PV Energy Solutions


Leveraging 10 gigawatts (GW) of experience in PV, we have developed, financed, engineered, constructed, and currently operate many of the world’s largest and most advanced photovoltaic (PV) power plants.

With expertise in everything solar, we offer a range of configurable product solutions for different types of customers and partners. Our three main offerings include structured energy products, system solutions, and PV plant components—all of which are backed by our industry-leading services and warranties.

    • Modules

      Delivering superior energy performance and reliability with 10GW installed worldwide.

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    • Module Plus

      Advanced PV modules and mounting solutions that streamline your installation, mitigate your risk, and maximize returns.

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    • PV Project

      Converting more power purchase agreements to energy than anyone else in the solar industry.

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  • Utility-Scale Generation

    Integrating reliable and affordable bulk power generation into the global energy mix.

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  • Fuel Displacement

    First Solar's PV Hybrid Systems combine PV solar generation with a fossil fuel engine generator to reduce fuel consumption and save costs.

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  • Off-Grid & Energy Access

    Offering off-grid and energy access solutions for underserved energy markets.

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  • Community Solar

    Attractive, affordable options for utilities to provide homeowners with an alternative means of participating in solar, whether they live in a single-family home or multi-unit building.

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